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“Brought my car in to get looked at. Got a thorough check and very honest opinion. Thanks Steve”

Parker Freiburg

Mar 30, 2021 – Springfield, IL

“Gary, Becky, and Crew, Just wanted to thank you for the great job you do for your' customers. Best in Springfield. John Milam.”


Oct 05, 2020 – SPRINGFIELD, IL

“Great, honest people here. Had multiple problems with my car and they went above and beyond to get everything fixed. You can trust them to be fair and do a thorough job.”

james m

Jul 23, 2020 – springfield, IL

“Thank you Zack for your quick and professional help on a Saturday. I really appreciate it. Keep up the great work! ”

Michael D

Feb 29, 2020 – Springfield , IL

“Zack did great. Expedient service, thorough and knowledgable. Highly recommended. I will be going there again.”

Leonard H

Oct 30, 2019 – Hopedale, IL

“I was Springfield when I had a coolant line break. I went here because they were the closest place. Couldn't be happier with the service I received. They got me in right away and had me back on the road quickly. The repair cost was very reasonable for the speedy quality service I received. Highly recommend these guys!”

Louie N

Oct 06, 2019 – Normal, IL

“I visited this location due to a slow leak in one of my tires. Being from out of town, I needed to get my issue fixed right away. They were able to find the problem and quickly take care if it to get me back on the road. Service was great and would definitely go back to see them for any other issues. ”

Amanda B

Aug 14, 2019 – Roseville, CA

“Hands down, the best repair shop in town. Honest, fair and great customer service. This shop has had the same customers for over 20 years and still growing. I’m a loyal customer and I will be sharing my experience with all of my friends and family. This business has gone above and beyond to help me! I am so appreciative! Thanks again Tuffys for taking great care of my vehicle when I was in need.”

Bobbi L

Jun 12, 2019 – Bowman , IL

“Gary, Becky, and the entire Tuffy team are the best in the Springfield area. They make you feel like family. If they fix something on your' vehicle and there is another problem they will make it right. It is very easy to build a trust with them. As long as Joann and i are residents of Springfield i will never take our' vehicles anywhere else. I highly recommend Tuffy. John Milam ”

John Milam

Aug 07, 2018 – Springfield, IL

“Very friendly and fixed the problem in no time. ”

Joyce G

Apr 06, 2018 – Petersburg, IL

“The service was excellent got my car in and fixed in a timely manner and very through with their work I would definitely come back and recommend them!!!! ”

Tiara B

Apr 04, 2018 – Springfield, IL

“Gary, Becky, and crew are not only great at what they do for their' customers but are outstanding people. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for quality workmanship at a reasonable price.”

John Milam

Oct 04, 2017 – Springfield, IL

“They were very helpful. Great customer service very knowledgeable, and accurate. They were very helpful working around my hectic work schedule to get my Jeep in and taken care of in a short amount of time! Great job. Great service. Great staff. ”


Feb 27, 2017 – SPRINGFIELD , IL

“I was honestly just thrilled with the experience. I had some problems with my exhaust system and they always kept me updated, they were kind, and they went out of their way to help me the best that they could. This was the best experience I have ever had at an Auto Service establishment. I'll be sure to come back in the future!”

LeAnna Kehl

Sep 23, 2015 – Springfield, IL

“I visited Tuffy in August 2015 to have my oil changed and to have them look at a faulty a/c fan. They indicated I needed new rear brake pads and rotors. I was suspicious of this since I had had the brakes checked within the last few months. My suspicion led me to get a "second opinion" and sure enough neither the pads nor rotors needed replaced--not even close. They focus alot on selling their services, which is fine if the customer really needs it but they were deceitful so I would never ever recommend them to anyone! Stay clear of this unscrupulous business!!”

junell r

Sep 17, 2015 – springfield, IL

“My car broke down while I was driving through Springfield, IL. Tuffy's was good enough to check out and repair the problems and get me safely back on the road again. They went over and beyond what was necessary! I am very grateful for their help. ”

Jeanette Z

Dec 23, 2014 – macomb , IL

“We have been taking our vehicles to Tuffy in Springfield for over 6 years and have always had a great experience. The entire staff is friendly and attentive. From standard oil changes to repairing brakes to new tires, they do an excellent job every time. I recommend everyone I know to Tuffy because the level of service and attention to detail is unmatched. Thank you!”

Matthew B

Oct 21, 2014 – Springfield, IL

“You guys are above Great! You care for my vehicles like the pros you are. And when I send my friends and family to you, you do the same for them!! That is super Pro!”

Vernon W

Jul 03, 2014 – Springfield, IL

“Once again the crew at Tuffy In Springfield came to the rescue, and got my Saturn up and running. They are very thorough, and a great group of people. Always very courteous and professional. Got me in right away.”

Cathy M

Jun 23, 2014 – Springfield, IL

“Zach, Dave, and Rick worked with me.They were very nice and did try to save me a little money. I give them a hands up....”

Celia C

Jun 17, 2014 – Ocala , FL

“Everyone is very knowledgable and extremely helpful. They are always willing to help in any situation. They truly treat everyone like family.”

Barbara M

May 28, 2014 – Chatham, IL

“I just wanted to give a huge "Thank you" to the staff at Tuffy's In Springfield for wonderful, thoughtful, and thorough, service. ”

Cathy M

May 22, 2014 – Springfield, IL

“Super fast service, and friendly staff. ”

Daniel P

Apr 17, 2014 – Springfield, IL

“The service was excellent & I will stay with this service. m The staff was so nice and accomm483081odating. they have our business in the future. ”

Deloris F

Apr 17, 2014 – Mathes, IL

“i came in with no appointment and was immediately given full attention. iw was taken through all possible causes of my alignment problems and given the best and cheapest way to fix my problem long term. my only regret is not being able to spend more. the guys at tuffy got me a new tire from another autobody, replaced my tire and fixed all that i needed along with it, and got me an extreme discount for my service,.. i will be back for anyhting i need in the future”

jesse f

Apr 17, 2014 – springfield, IL

“Everybody very courteous and helpful.”

Cindy H

Apr 15, 2014 – Ashland, IL

“Dave Kerrigan is very knowledgable about diagnosing and fixing all brands.”

Robert H

Mar 25, 2014 – Rochester, IL

“they were very helpful and showed me in person what was wrong and what they were doing to fix it. my brakes were fixed right and i felt very involved and i will keep them high on the list of places i let work on my ride”

Robert a

Feb 20, 2014 – springfield, IL

“The staff is so friendly, the service is excellent and the work is quality. Tuffy has helped me out so much through the years and I would highly recommend them! Thanks guys! ”

Kathy F

Dec 13, 2013 – Springfield, IL

“I have had my vehicle serviced several times here. The staff is very friendly and thorough in diagnosis. I drive extensively for my job, and they make sure that my vehicle is safe and I am less likely to be stranded away from home. They go above and beyond when servicing my vehicle. I highly recommend Tuffy of Springfield.”

Brent F

Dec 09, 2013 – Hannibal, MO

“Had a very slow leak in my front right tire on my truck which I drive to work very early in the morning. Last thing I needed was to be stuck alongside the road at 5:00 in the morning. Called Tuffy at 1:30 and they said they could work me in. I got there around 2:30 and was on my way at 3:45 or so. I appreciate the care!!”

Tim V

Nov 13, 2013 – Divernon, IL

“I have been taking my cars to Tuffy for 20+ years. Becky and Gary are the greatest!!!! They and their staff have ALWAYS done the best job. Someone on here said that they took there car to another place firs. Are there other places in town? I did not know that.”

Valerie G

Oct 22, 2013 – Springfield, IL



Oct 12, 2013 – SPRINGFIELD, IL

“I stopped at another neighborhood shop for inspection of my son's truck, it was 4:52 the store was posted open till 6:00 the other shop said their warehouse closed in 9 minutes and could not get us any parts. My son and I went down the street to Tuffy we are first time customers and our truck was inspected for exhaust leak and reported to me quickly, and repaired at very reasonable price, repaired right there on the spot. I like fast service and reasonable price.”

Tom Lewis

Oct 12, 2013 – Springfield, IL

“I am very impressed with Tuffy. Me and my family have been going here for years, and we will continue. They are very professional, do well, and communicate well. ”

Tristan T

Sep 20, 2013 – Springfield, IL

“I just had my oil changed and front brakes replaced and the Tuffy team were excellent as usual. They always take care of their customers.”

Pam O

Sep 06, 2013 – Springfield, IL

“Took my 2005 Escape to another center 10 months ago for new brakes. They didn't do them correctly, and Tuffy fixed them the correct way. Will only take my car and truck to Becky and Gary at Tuffy from here on out!!!”

Ahna G

Aug 25, 2013 – Springfield, IL

“The staff at Tuffy's is great! They go above and beyond to take care of their customers. I really appreciate how they address your current problem and also are proactive in letting you know what you will need in the near future. Thanks!”

Brian H

Aug 08, 2013 – Springfield, IL

“Dave & the guys took care of my sons car. Dave also let me know what car maintenance items we're looking at in the future. He explains things & does top notch work. Thank you!”

Janice L

Aug 07, 2013 – Springfield, IL

“Great service and did the work in a timely fashion. Great customer service!! ”


Aug 06, 2013 – Springfield , IL

“I have gone to Tuffy's in s-field for 20+ years and continue to think they are TOPS. Friendly service, fair prices, and they are always willing to go the extra mile.. A-O K by me!!”

tom b

Aug 01, 2013 – springfield, IL

“We appreciate Dave's explanations and his accent which always causes us to put in a disc playing SWEET HOME CHICAGO!!!”

harvey b

Aug 01, 2013 – springfield, IL

“The guys at Tuffy have never failed to give me quality service. They are prompt, straightforward, and answer my questions graciously. In my experience from Illinois to Ohio, I've received better service at Tuffy from Gary, Dave, Rick, Steve (and the rest of the team!) in Springfield than anywhere else. Thanks, guys!”

Luke N

Jul 30, 2013 – Springfield, IL

“My son was having some issues with his truck's parking brake and a friend recommended Tuffy's. Dave was able to make the necessary repairs and work it out within my budget. The truck ran fantastic after the work performed by the Tuffy's crew!! Thanks!!”

Willie C

Jul 27, 2013 – Springfield, IL

“We have been taking our' vehicles to Tuffy for several years. Gary and Becky are great people and run a top notch business. The entire staff goes out of their' way to make sure the customer is satisfied. I can honestly say " i have never been to a better auto service center in my lifetime ".”

John M

Jul 26, 2013 – Springfield, IL

“What I appreciate most about the staff at this shop is that they really know their stuff. I like working on my own car when I can, but when I can't I trust these guys to do it. ”

Dave K

May 30, 2013 – Springfield, IL

“What a lifesaver! My car was making a noise and I should have brought it in sooner. When it finally quit, it was the day before our vacation. The folks at Tuffy Springfield got it sorted out and we were on the road as scheduled! Thank you to all the nice people there!!”

Jennie C.

May 30, 2013 – Chatham, IL